Valentine's Day Ideas - So Spend It Without Kitsch

With barely a day the opinions go so strongly apart as at 14 February, Valentine's day. One can hardly wait throwing her treasure with Romanesque and love others grumble: "Everything only unnecessary, commercial kitsch." We have a few ideas for those who are not a fan of Valentine's day and still want a joy for her partner.

Anti - Valentine's day

You're single, or just not in the mood for too much kitsch? Also show the whole year your partner anyway about their love? Well, wonderful, then Valentine's day this year may be Yes. Not really that what you want? Then spend the day just different. The most important thing, however, is that they are together. The life partner or best friend is that no matter when the anti - Valentine's day -. The concept behind this is easy to do what you would normally do on Valentine's day. Whether alone or as a couple is there any even left. Watch horror movies or pamper them really: a day at the Spa, or let it RIP just in a bar. Everyone does what he feels like. More tips for the special day has the magazine of Jolie. Couples can decide together how they want to experience the anti - Valentine's day and what they wanted to - do has always been together without roses and hearts.

Already the inventor DOM Pierre Perignon said about the Champagne: "Come quickly, I taste star." Hardly a drink is so celebrated as the exquisite sparkling wine from North-Eastern of France. He is considered the elite drink. Worldwide to over 200 million bottles in the year of the noble drink consumed. Be a part of this users and order champagne easy homefor you and your sweetheart. Very comfortable to spend the day in your own four walls is perfect for lovers who don't want to do with the whole whirl around the 14th of February. A nice breakfast with fine champagne and cuddling at the favorite films meets with guaranteed approval. Who cares already the date when you can simply enjoy his day?

With the loved ones were you not so lucky lately? Don't worry, this is like millions of other people . Since Valentine's day is but a great opportunity to let it RIP times so correctly and to organise a counter party. Invite all your single friends, here goes: couple banned. Beer and pizza and to dance till the morning comes, it will be great fun. Single life should be celebrated as the couple being namely exactly so.

Do you actually know who was the Holy Valentine? He lived in the third century after Christ. Interestingly, what was exactly the reason, to name the day of lovers after him? And here the answer: he was married couples according to Christian tradition, which is expressly forbidden by the Roman Emperor, because at that time Christianity was no official religion. The Holy Valentine but Christianity remained, and so he was executed on February 14. Valentine was canonized, and later declared February 14 Valentine's day, and this in turn evolved over time to the famous day of lovers. This is the story briefly told. But ask himself perhaps after the Valentine's day meaning today?

According to legend, the Saint Valentine's the amorous pairs donated flowers from his garden. Therefore, Blumenstäuße are mainly from rose, a classic gift for Valentine's day,

Valentine's day meaning flowers Roses Gifts romantic

Candies and other small touches are popular as gifts

On this day, there is everywhere a sense of romance and love. Recognition, understanding, and friendship are connected with these concepts, and so are also worshipped on this day. A fever can be felt everywhere. Restaurants, hotels and shopping centres receive their stressed guests!

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